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Author Stephanie A. Smith
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Manuscript reading service

Stephanie A. Smith will review your mss. for the rate of .02 cents a word.  An optional face to face consultation is available at $20.00 an hour.

Consultation services would include reading the mss. and offering suggestions for improvements, given the author’s experience with the marketplace.

The author will read your manuscript.

The author will read your manuscript.

A brief report will be returned with the mss. Please include SASE along with ms. when sent by post office; sending by email is okay but what you would get back would be an email.

Anything more than this would be negotiable.

Proofreading is not included in the above service.

Now your writing career can benefit from a ‘manuscript doctor’ to provide a brief diagnosis and recommendations!

If you are interested in the manuscript reading service, use this contact form.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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