My short story was just chosen to be part of an art show. “Migh’T’y” is going to be part of this art installation/show/online show at

Review – Warpaint by Stephanie A. Smith   Author Interview with Stephanie A. Smith

My novel-in-progress Strange Grace was short listed for the Faulkner Award see: 2016 Winners & Finalists

• Stephanie A. Smith awarded VCCA Fellowship • One of 25 Fellows in residence at a time • VCCA one of world’s most prestigious artist communities (Amherst, VA) – Stephanie A. Smith of Gainesville, FL, has been awarded a fellowship by the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA). The VCCA is located near, Read More

I just wanted to wish you all a good holiday season and be sure to invite you to my Rothman talk next February!

Thames River Press 28th October 2013 Book Launch

Author Stephanie A. Smith reads from her Warpaint Trilogy with a selection from Baby Rocket. The Warpaint Trilogy is three intertwined novels written as stories that are connected in a style of historical literature or historical fiction. She reads from the section called “Shuttle” which centers on the main character Clementine Dance, who was, Read More

Learn about life from the point of view of a writer creating fiction through historical literature. This video series by Stephanie A. Smith, author of the Warpaint Trilogy, explores how a good story is crafted through colorful characters and interesting settings that draw the reader into the historical scenery. Stephanie may even reveal her, Read More

Stephanie A. Smith book talk at Smathers LIbrary

Stephanie A. Smith’s book talk at the UF Smathers Library on her novel Warpaint, available on Amazon and Thames River Press View on YouTube   Warpaint “Enjoyable read” “Must read this novel about ‘a vibrato of three visions, fusing… into one’” “A multilayered and enigmatic work” [more…]    

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