A book reading from “Baby Rocket” by author Stephanie A. Smith, with Q&A

Author Stephanie A. Smith reads from her Warpaint Trilogy with a selection from Baby Rocket. The Warpaint Trilogy is three intertwined novels written as stories that are connected in a style of historical literature or historical fiction. She reads from the section called “Shuttle” which centers on the main character Clementine Dance, who was abandoned as a child. Clementine was found hiding in a rocket ride near a grocery store, which is how she came to be called Baby Rocket. Her destiny is to regain her memory and learn of her family secrets. The section starts with a dismal scene at Florida’s Gainesville Airport a number of years ago.

After the book reading, students then ask the author several questions about the setting, how the characters are created, and whether they are based on real people. The method of interweaving the novels is explored, and there is a discussion of the time it takes to craft a good story.

The release of the third book in the trilogy “Content Burns” is announced for March 1st, 2014. A second trilogy is announced to begin with “Strange Grace”, and perhaps a third to total nine books.

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To purchase Baby Rocket or the entire Warpaint Trilogy, see Stephanie A. Smith’s newest books.


Baby Rocket

“Absolutely adore this book!”

“Like a Diamond in the Sky”

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